Roof and Siding Damage Repair

If you’ve experienced storm damage on your home—whether it’s your roofing, siding, or both—we know you just want it restored as soon as possible. That’s where we come in. We have nearly a decade of experience helping homeowners just like you recover after a storm. We can help with hail damage, wind damage, and much more.

We offer free inspections and estimates to accurately assess and document the damage caused to your home. Once the inspection is complete, we can add tarping to especially bad portions of your roof or siding to ensure water leaks don’t cause further damage to the interior of your home. If filing an insurance claim is necessary, we can help you navigate the process and even advocate on your behalf to make sure you get the coverage you deserve.

To sum it up, we have your back from start to finish. But we can’t help you if we don’t know you need it. If you’re dealing with roofing and/or siding storm damage, call us today at 513-857-1600 to get started. 

A photo of a shingle roof with wind damage.
A photo of a siding with wind damage.

Roof and Siding Damage Inspection Process

Navigating the aftermath of roof and siding damage requires a thorough and informed approach. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive assessment process that ensures no detail is overlooked.

1 - Drone Roof and Siding Inspection

We use drones for our initial inspection because we don’t want to cause further damage when assessing your roof and siding.  This allows us to get an overall understanding as to the extent of the damage before ever setting foot on your roof or leaning a ladder against your home. This is especially helpful if you need to file an insurance claim. You’ll be able to show proof that the inspection itself did not cause any further damage.

2 - Hands-On Inspection

After we’ve inspected your roof and/or siding with our drone, we’ll determine if closer inspection is warranted. If so, we’ll perform a hands-on inspection to gather further information. Every crucial aspect, from the flashing to non-storm-related wear and tear, is documented. This careful attention to detail is what sets us apart and ensures the integrity of your home is preserved.

3 - Detailed Reporting & Estimates

Armed with comprehensive visual evidence and detailed findings from our inspections, we compile an exhaustive report that not only shows you what we’ve found but also outlines the path forward. We offer transparent estimates for both repairs and replacements, depending on what your situation necessitates. This report, complete with high-resolution photos and a clear action plan, is delivered directly to you. We don’t just leave you with data; we provide informed recommendations to guide you towards the best decision for your home.

Get a Free Estimate for Roofing and Siding Damage Repair

We provide roofing and siding damage repair services to the entire Tri-State Area including Butler County, Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and South East Indiana. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate!

Roof and Siding Insurance Claims Help

We understand that navigating the intricacies of roofing and siding insurance claims can be as daunting as dealing with the damage itself. Most states have stringent requirements, compelling homeowners to present concrete evidence to substantiate their claims. This is where our knowledge becomes your power. A seasoned contractor is not just a choice; it’s a necessity for legally sound repairs backed by robust evidence. The reality is, without this expertise, many homeowners may miss out on the benefits they are entitled to.

The caveat, however, is that we can only extend our help if you take the first step. By allowing us to leverage our years of experience, our insights from thousands of roofs, and our track record of securing millions of dollars in benefits, we can tailor a compelling case for your specific claim. There’s really no catch here — our confidence stems from our commitment to excellence and transparency. We believe that once you experience the Tamlin approach — meticulous inspections, comprehensive reporting, and staunch advocacy — the decision will be clear. For expertise that translates into real value, let Tamlin Roofing & Windows be the unequivocal choice for your roof and siding repair project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We recommend you have your roof and siding inspected immediately after a storm, especially if it was severe. Early detection is key to preventing further damage. If you're unable to safely do this yourself, Tamlin Roofing & Windows can provide a prompt inspection to assess any damage.

Look out for missing, cracked, or curled shingles on your roof, and dents or cracks in your siding. Inside your home, stains on the ceiling or walls and peeling paint can indicate water damage from a compromised exterior.

Absolutely. We can assist you in documenting the damage for your claim and provide you with a detailed report and estimate that can be submitted to your insurance company. We can even advocate for you with your insurance company.

Yes, all of our roofing and siding inspections and estimates are free to you, regardless of whether we find damage or not.

The duration of repairs can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the scope of work required. After our inspection, we'll provide you with a timeline for the repair process.

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our work and offer a warranty on repairs. The specifics of the warranty will depend on the type of repair or installation service provided.

Yes, we are fully insured, which means our work is compliant with building codes and regulations, and you're protected from liability during the repair process.

We highly recommend regular inspections and maintenance to prolong the life of your roof and siding. We can provide you with a maintenance schedule and tips to ensure your home's exterior remains in top condition.

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Ready to learn more? Fill out the form here to schedule a free consultation. If you’d rather talk to a live person, call us at 513-857-1600—we’d love to hear from you! Also, it’s worth noting that we pride ourselves in not using pushy sales tactics when we meet with potential customers. We promise to give you the information and space you need to make the right decision for you.

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